Human Resources

"Supporting the team to support you"

We recognise that our staff are our greatest asset and we take the employment, training and development needs of our staff team very seriously.

A key player on our team is Adele who leads our Human Resources function. As an employer that values its staff as its’ most important asset, the HR function supports and advises staff on employment related matters and also assists our Managers on day-to-day people management, ensuring that the company works in line with employment law and all staff are treated fairly and equally. The HR function provides support to Managers in areas such as recruitment and selection, employee terms and conditions, training and development and performance management. In addition the HR function assists in the development, implementation and monitoring of company policies and procedures such as those detailed in the staff handbook, including the workplace ethics/code of conduct.

We understand that our staff play a key role in the success of the organisation, therefore it is our aim to ensure that we only recruit staff that are the best possible candidates for the role, and that their abilities are utilized effectively.

The protection of vulnerable children and young people is a serious issue. To ensure that we achieve our commitments in this critical aspect of care all new staff must complete an application form, including all previous employment history. If we feel that their application meets our criteria they are invited to attend a structured interview. If successful, 2 (or more) references will be applied for. In conjunction with these references we also apply to the DBS Bureau, to check that a person is fit to work within a care setting. We also apply for an Enhanced Disclosure. After receipt of relevant and appropriate documentation an official offer of employment would then be made.

Opportunities commitment to equality and diversity means that every Service User supported by us has their individual needs comprehensively addressed and are treated equally and without discrimination. This is regardless of an individual’s ethnic background, language, culture, faith, gender, age, sexual orientation or any other aspect that could result in their being discriminated against purely because they have such characteristics.

We aim to be an equal opportunities employer and ensure that all staff are made aware of the opportunities that exist within the organisation. Such opportunities include vacancies, promotions, training and development activity.

Opportunities expresses its commitment to equality and diversity by:

  • Respecting all Service Users’ ethnic, cultural and religious practices and making practical provision for them to be observed;
  • Reassuring its Service Users that their diverse backgrounds enhance the quality of experience of everyone who lives and works in any home or service provided by Opportunities; festivals which are important to them as individuals; principles; ways; acceptable. This is applicable to both staff and Service Users and is rigorously observed and monitored accordingly.
  • Accepting Service Users as individuals, not as cases or stereotypes;
  • Involving Service Users to express their individuality and to follow their preferred life style, also helping them to celebrate events, anniversaries or by showing positive leadership and having management and human resources practices that actively demonstrate a commitment to equality and diversity
  • Developing an ethos throughout the home or service that reflects these values and principles;
  • Expecting all staff to work to our equality and diversity principles and policies and to behave at all times in non-discriminatory way;
  • Providing, training, supervision and support to enable staff to do this
  • Having a code of conduct that makes any form of discriminatory behaviour unacceptable. This is applicable to both staff and Service Users and is rigorously observed and monitored accordingly.

Opportunities also aims to reflect the diversity of society in all aspects of its business by developing a culture where the differences between people are valued and the full capabilities of individuals are harnessed and developed to the benefit of the Service Users, staff and the business as a whole. Lifetime Opportunities aims to ensure that no job applicant, employee or Service User is discriminated against.

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