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Our Ethos

"From concept to delivery"

We are passionate about our business and we are passionate about doing exactly what it says on the tin…we get it right! At Opportunities we do things differently; we’re passionate and it shows. Whatever you need, talk to us.

The Opportunities success is based on:-

And we think you’ll be impressed!!

We try and avoid the use of agency staff so no third parties, and control and responsibility begins and ends with us. So whatever package you are looking for we can work with you for the overall end result to reflect the plan.

Opportunities give you:-

Opportunities provide an individual care plan for each person based on a Person Centred approach. We recognise that each person is a unique individual and we respect the rights, wishes, feeling and needs of each person. The targets and aims are agreed with the Social Worker and any significant others. Any achievements are acknowledged and “presented back” and rewarded, helping to keep the young people focused and motivated.

Staff are expected to give service of the highest quality care to people and others at all times. Dignity and respect comes as standard. This will include: staff treating all people with courtesy and respect; attending to the individual needs of people for their care, comfort and support; supplying information and co-operating with others for the best interests of the young person, and constantly having regard to the impact of their own behaviour both on the welfare of the young person and the standing of the organisation in general.